Evaluation System

1. In the Junior school we follow the comprehensive continuous evaluation system students are graded throughout the year on the basis of class work, assessments, projects and activities done in the class.
2. Result of the these terms compiled on the basis of class work and assessments will be reflected in the form of grades. The range of grading is as under:

A1 95-100%
A2 90-94%
B1 80-89%
B2 70-79%
C1 70-79%
C2 60-69%
D 40-49%
E Below 40%

3. There is one cycle of weekly assessments and one round of consolidated assessments for classes IV and V in each term.
4. There are two cycles of weekly assessments in each term for classes KG,I,II and III
5. A student must secure grades not less than D in each subject in the comprehensive evaluation.
6. Promotion will be based on the performance of a child over the entire academic year on cumulative assessment of classwork, assignments and activities.