Science Lab

Biotechnology Lab

AFBBS has fully equipped BIOTECHNOLOGY LAB with latest equipments like Agarose Gel electrophoresis , BOD-incubator and other glass apparatus for classes XI and XII . We have projector attached with our desktop which we use for demonstration of practicals and various power point presentation.

Biology Lab

AFBBS has two labs (Junior & Senior) will equiped with specimens, slides, chemicals, microscopes & other glass apparatus etc required for the experiments & demonstrations from classes VI to XII. We have projector, laptop to use CD, floppies & modules of the smart classes of Edu Comp. & Eureka to facilitate teaching

Chemistry Lab

Facilities for hands on experience in chemistry laboratory.
Junior class from VI – X has a separate laboratory which caters to the syllabus of the respective class.
Reagents (acids and bases) are neatly arranged on one side of the room. It is made accessible by a well- trained laboratory assistant to the students. Various experiments/activities is conducted to understand the properties and behavior of solutions and substances. Various charts, time table and list of experiments put on the walls for quick reference. The experiments are conducted with half batch of each section so that each students satisfies his curiosity.

Senior laboratory is well equipped for class XI & XII. There are most member of chemicals pertaining to the syllabus. Reagents are placed on the rack for the accessibility of each student. Common reagents are placed on either side of the room so that crowding is prevented.
Projector with laptop is provided to facilitate learning and up date scientific learning.
Equipments for titration for each student is provided which by doming satisfies the child’s curiosity of theoretical learning. A separate balance room is provided which facilitates each student to measure / weigh minutely and correctly.
Variety of charts are placed of different scientist, first aid, periodic table which motivates and helps in quick reference.
Laboratory assistant and laboratory attendant facilitates monitoring correct usage of chemicals, Behavioral problems etc, accessibility to chemicals in time.

Physics Lab

Maths Lab

In Math of our school students get hands on experience of exploring the concepts of Mathematics studied in class using paper cutting and pasting and tangrams of different shapes.
Models of all shapes & almost all solid figure and based on almost all mathematical concepts of secondary stage are available in lab for student’s reference.
There is a laptop with software related to Math practical a proctor and a LCD screen to virtually show an activity to students.
Our Maths lab is very well equipped as per the latest advancements in technology.


An additional computer lab with computer, projector, interactive board and subjective classwise software has been set-up wef current academic session. This is a project based learning system and the students will have the following benefits

  • Opportunity to apply knowledge gained in classroom
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Learning to work in groups


The following gadgets have been provided in each and every class. The Smart Class Concept aims at facilitating availability of digital content in the classroom. The project is running successfully. In addition to above Eureka in 5.0 Educational software for classes I to XII (in Science & Maths) has also been provided.

  • An interactive board
  • computer
  • An LCD Projector
  • Education software as per CBSE curriculum