Sports Junior

Title: Raghubir Singh Jr Modern School Inter School Athletic Meet, Humayun Road, New Delhi
20th February


AFBBS Jr Wing students has participated in Raghubir Singh Jr Modern School Inter school Athletic Meet, Humayun Road, New Delhi held on 20th February at RSJMS. All prestigious schools of Delhi has participated in this competition where our students have shown remarkable performance over there.

Results as follows....

Gold -14
Silver- 11
Bronze- 10

Special Awards- Kareema Fatima Shaikh -4F- won Best Athletes Trophy in class 4

Finally won overall championship Trophy

Title: Fit India Movement at Junior School Air Force Bal Bharati School
4th December 2023 - 14th December 2023


The Fit India movement aims to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles among individuals of all ages. At our junior school, we organized a series of activities to actively engage our students and instill in them the importance of staying fit.

Activities Conducted:

1. Indigenous Games: We organized a variety of indigenous games that showcased our rich cultural heritage. The students participated in traditional sports like posham pa, aankh micholi, kho-kho, and tug of war etc. These games not only encouraged physical activity but also fostered a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

2. Yoga Sessions: Yoga is a holistic practice that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We conducted regular yoga sessions for our students, where they learned various asanas and breathing techniques. Yoga helped them improve flexibility, balance, and focus.

3. Fitness Challenges: To make fitness fun and exciting, we organized fitness challenges for our students. These challenges included activities like relay races, and jump rope competitions. The students enthusiastically participated, pushing their physical limits and enjoying the spirit of healthy competition.

4. Pledge Taking: As part of the Fit India movement, we organized a pledge-taking ceremony. The students took a pledge to make fitness a priority in their lives. They promised to engage in regular physical activity, eat nutritious food, and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Creative Writing:

Children expressed their passion for sports by writing down about their favorite sports , player and benefits of sports in day to day life.

Impact and Benefits:

The Fit India movement activities had a positive impact on our students. They became more aware of the importance of fitness and understood the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. The activities helped improve their physical fitness, mental well-being, and overall confidence. Additionally, the students developed a sense of sportsmanship, teamwork, and discipline.


The Fit India movement activities conducted at our junior school successfully promoted fitness and healthy habits among our students. Through indigenous games, yoga sessions, fitness challenges, creative writing, and pledge taking, we empowered our students to prioritize their well-being. We hope that these activities will inspire them to lead a fit and healthy life both now and in the future.