Vice Principal's Desk

Air Force Bal Bharati School Delhi

Dear Children,
School is a great Temple of Learning, growing continuously over the years spreading awareness and the fruits of age-old wisdom of our great Country. It imparts not only academic provides knowledge, physical strength and mental exercise with it but also provides you a platform for holistic growth of all-round personality of each and every one of you. Promotion from one class to another does not take you from VI to VII or VII to VIII; it also means promotion of overall personality outer as well as inner growth.

All religious books attempt to teach you one thing: be a good humane being. God is love, there’s divinity in every human being. How to become divine? By eliminating our mistakes, errors, sins one by one slowly, continually, continuously and religiously: by surrendering over selves to god: to begin with your mothers, your fathers and to your school teachers, who show you the real God.

Take it from me, it is indeed, possible.
Wishing you all a prosperous, and successful new year.

Vice - Principal